After seeing many other physio’s and osteopaths I’ve finally been able to resolve my back pain, I can’t believe how effective the acupuncture has been.
— Matt, Hereford

Jenny put my mind at ease, after a thorough examination she was able to tell me I had a rotator cuff injury. After 3 sessions and following simple exercises I’m now painfree and back at work
— John, Studley

I came to see Jenny for a whiplash injury, however, her help has not only sorted my neck out but her knowledge on nutrition has helped me get my general health and fibromyalgia under control. I’m now feeling so much better that I feel able to return to work after 8 years of not being able to even manage everyday life. That accident was actually a blessing in the end!
— Sarah, Redditch

I had a knee problem caused by my physical job, I could hardly walk due to the pain and was unable to work. I’m stunned that some needles into my thigh and knee completely freed my knee up and I was able to walk normally straightaway and returned to work the next day. Amazing!
— David, Redditch

My neck pain had been on and off for years. I woke with acute neck pain and unable to move my neck. Jenny was able to see me on the same day. After some neck traction and other “hands on stuff” my neck immediately felt free to move and virtually painfree.
— Sue, Bromsgrove

I see Jenny on a regular basis for acupuncture for my arthritic knees. This helps to keep the pain under control and keep them in good order so that hopefully I won’t need to have knee replacement
— Barry, Redditch

So much more than just physiotherapy. Many other areas of my health have improved from all the advice I’ve been given. Strongly recommend to get your life back on track!
— Jackie, Feckenham

My bladder used to rule my life.I’m now back in control thanks to some exercises and using a neurostimulator on a regular basis. I’m so glad I got over my embarrassment, Jenny put me at ease. I’ve even managed to return to the gym with confidence.
— Liz, Droitwich