Low back pain

80% of the population will have an episode back pain

One of the most common reasons for seeking help. One size does not fit all! A thorough history and examination will result in an accurate diagnosis. This in turn ensures the treatment tackles the root cause. There are many ways of easing spinal pain, hands on treatment such as joint mobilisation or manipulation , soft tissue massage, trigger point release or even acupuncture. A tailor made exercise programme can assist in the recovery and help prevent any further episodes.


Neck pain

Modern life is causing a pain in the neck!

The cervical spine is responsible for many areas of pain, it can refer pain to the arm, shoulder blade or be a cause of headaches. A full assessment will highlight the area responsible for the pain and a treatment plan can be made to resolve the issue. Whiplash injuries can cause symptoms beyond the neck and need correct treatment as soon as possible.



Wear and tear or degenerative arthritis

This is a normal part of ageing, unfortunately in can be more severe in some people or if a joint has had previous trauma. You may often get told or may think there is nothing you can do. However there are lots of things that can be done and treatments that can manage the pain and prevent more invasive treatments such as surgery, most common is a hip or knee replacement. Seeking early advice can help you steer your way along the path of managing your joint pain.


From accidents, falls or sport

Whiplash injuries can cause symptoms in the neck and beyond! It can affect many other areas and I would recommend early treatment to prevent long term problems. The right advice and exercises make all the difference to the long term outcome.


Tennis elbow

Pain on the outer aspect of the elbow

Again a common condition that can cause chronic lateral elbow pain due to overload to the wrist extensors, although the neck can also play a part in this problem. Early treatment strongly recommended to prevent the need of a cortisone injection. Can be successfully treated with many modalities including acupuncture.

Golfers elbow

Pain on the inside of the elbow

Less common than tennis elbow but same advice applies. Also can be related to the neck so full assessment is advised.


Frozen shoulder

Also called adhesive capsulitis

There are 3 stages to this condition, early treatment can prevent the full blown “freezing” of the joint. The shoulder starts to get painful and stiff over time and can end in a very stiff and painful shoulder that disturbs your sleep. Assessment is essential to get the correct diagnosis as treatment is very different for the various shoulder conditions. This condition needs mobilising to stretch the joint capsule and prevent further “shrink wrapping” of the joint.


Sporting injuries

Prompt treatment can minimise the time away from sport. Overuse injuries may need analysis of biomechanics as this could be a source of the problem. For example foot mechanics could result in Achilles tendinitis or the way you hold your racket could determine the cause of elbow or shoulder pain.


Plantar fasciitis

Pain under the heel

Often gives most pain getting out of bed in the morning. Often related to tension in the calf. Can be treated with exercises, ultrasound, acupuncture and orthotics.

Achilles tendonitis

Pain at the back of the heel

The tendon that takes the greatest load in the body and can get thickened and inflamed. Again can be a result of calf tightness but a full assessment will guide the treatment. It responds well to acupuncture.

Patellar tendinitis

Pain just below the knee cap also called Jumpers knee

The patella tendon attaches the large quadriceps muscle to the tibia, tightness in the quads can cause issues for the tendon. Assessment will guide the treatment but very often successfully treated especially with acupuncture.

Post op rehab

Whatever the surgery, early guidance is vital. I have vast experience in this area. Good rehab can make all the difference to the result of the surgery.

Womens health 

Stress incontinence or prolapse

1 in 3 women will experience urinary leaks with coughing and sneezing and many put up with it but there is so much that can be done with training the pelvic floor. Assessment determines the appropriate treatment, a muscle stimulator is sometimes needed to activate very weak muscles. Results can be life changing.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

An autoimmune condition

This is an inflammatory condition that can involve acute inflammation of certain joints. Joint care is important to minimise damage to the joints. Diet can play a large role in managing this condition. Acupuncture is also a way to manage the symptoms.



For bookings or information:

Please contact for any further help. Often just 1 or 2 sessions is all that is needed , no commitment to a long course of treatment.


Initial assessment with treatment £45 (allow 45 to 60 minutes)

Follow up session.£35 (allow 30 minutes)

Sports massage £35 for 30 minutes

Beginners yoga 1 to 1 tuition

£25 for 30 minutes